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Great Women in History

Learn all about famous women in history


Clara Barton: Her Life, and the American Red Cross

Learn all about the life of this very determined and great American, whose dedication was responsible for helping thousands of people, and who was the organizer and founder of the American Red Cross.

Anne Boleyn: Her Life and Her Last Letter to the King

Take a look at the life of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and the last letter she wrote to him.

Anne Frank

Learn all about Anneliese (Anne) Marie Frank, who, along with her family and a few others, hid in Amsterdam during World War II from the Nazi's. Learn about the girl, and her famous "diary." Anne was truly a sweet girl, and an inspiration to us all!

Harriet Tubman

Known as the "Moses of Her People," Tubman was an outstanding woman who played a major role in American history and the Underground Railroad.

Dorothea Lynde Dix: Known as "Dragon Dix."

Here we take a look at the life of Dorothea Dix, who worked tirelessly for reform of mental hospitals and the treatment of patients and prisoners. She was directly responsible for historic changes, as well as served as the Superintendent of Nurses during the Civil War.

Mary Bickerdyke

Of all the nurses who served during the Civil War, Bickerdyke was easily the most outspoken. Affectionately known as "Mother," by the troops, she was indeed one of the best known, most resourceful, and colorful of all the nurses who served.

Mary Chesnut

Quite an intelligent and fascinating lady, Mary wrote the greatest diary in history that describes life in the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Margaret Brent: America's First Feminist

Learn all about America's First Feminist; that lady who first asked for the right to vote and was denied.

Cordelia Perrine Harvey

She was known as the "Wisconsin Angel," and devised a way to assist in the healing of wounded soldiers. Originally ignored, she appealed to President Lincoln to approve her plan.

Anna Etheridge

Known affectionately as the "brave little soldier in petticoats," Anna saved thousands of soldiers lives and was awarded the Kearney Medal during the Civil War.

Susan B. Anthony

A dedicated pioneer, she was known as the "Napoleon of the Women's Rights Movement.

Abby House

She was known as the "Angel of Mercy to the Confederate Soldiers."

Phoebe Pember

A fascinating lady, she assisted with the care and healing of soldiers during the Civil War.

Ella Palmer

Another determined lady who helped the sick and wounded during the Civil War, without whose help, many would have died. After the war she studied mineralogy and became an expert assayer.

Sarah Winchester

The wife of William Winchester, and the heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company fortune, Sarah was haunted by what she perceived as a curse on her family, and spent her life doing unusual things to her house in an attempt to drive the evil spirits away. Learn all about her here.

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