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Famous Figures in Black History

by John T. Marck

Although most people know that February is the month that celebrates Black history, but do you know why February was chosen?

February was selected by a man named Carter Goodwin Woodson, who was a noted historian and publisher, and who was a pioneer in American Black history. He selected February for several reasons, in that this month has an enormous significance in Black American history. First it is in celebration of two historical figures who had a great impact on the Black population. They are Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, an outstanding lady who worked tirelessly on the Underground Railway.

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, the life of the former slave, abolitionist and journalist, who emerged as a major anti slavery force, and supporter of women's rights, and who was an outstanding orator and writer.

Mum Bett

Before Dred Scott, a lady by the name of Mum Bett sued for her freedom in 1781. Learn all about her here.

Denmark Vesey

In 1822, a man named Denmark Vesey planned a slave uprising in Charleston, South Carolina. Was his plan successful? Learn about the man and his plan here.

Dred Scott

Dred Scott was a black slave from Virginia, who ended up in Missouri, and who made legal and constitutional history by suing for his freedom. Here you can learn about Dred Scott, his case that went before the United States Supreme Court in may 1857, and the Missouri Compromise.

John Brown

Important to Black History is the story of John Brown. This abolitionist and fanatical anti slavery fighter led a famous raid on Harpers Ferry, and who became a martyr in parts of the North. Included here is Brown's last speech before he was led to the gallows.

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