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Take a look at the various engrossing women who have served as spies.

Women as Spies

By John T. Marck

Emeline Pigott

A fascinating lady who served during the Civil War, Emeline was a Confederate spy. She began helping during the war by gathering food, clothing, and supplies for the Confederate troops, and hid them in hollow trees for the soldiers to later pick up. Her helpful activities moved in another direction when by entertaining Union soldiers, she found she was able to obtain information valuable to the Confederacy. Pigott went to her death without revealing one mysterious fact. Click here to learn more.

Antonia Ford

Not only was this fascinating lady a Confederate spy, but she was also the honorary aide-de-camp to Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart!

Madame La Force

Was this colorful Confederate spy a man or a women? Perhaps a Zouave colonel? Find out here!

Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Elizabeth Bowser

Both Elizabeth and Mary were spies for the Union, and so helpful was Van Lew, she received praise from General Ulysses S. Grant. Learn about them here.

Eugenia Phillips

A very determined lady, Eugenia spied for the South during the Civil War, while her United States Congressman husband sided with the North. Learn more about this very strong-willed lady.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow

Learn all about this rich, attractive, captivating lady who was born in Port Tobacco, Maryland, and who was very active in the Washington, D.C., social scene, as well as who was a spy for the Confederacy.

Pauline Cushman

Take a look here at the actress turned Union spy during the Civil War, and who for her gallant efforts, was made a part of the Union army with the honorary rank of major.

Belle Boyd

The most famous woman spy for the South was Belle Boyd (1843-1900), who was also known as La Belle Rebelle, named by a French correspondent. Born in Martinsburg, Virginia, (now West Virginia), Belle was only seventeen when the war began.

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