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by John T. Marck

25th President

Term- March 4, 1897 to September 14, 1901

Republican Party

Birth: Niles, Ohio, January 29, 1843.

Ancestry: Scotch-Irish and English

Marriage: Canton, Ohio, January 25, 1871 to Ida Saxton, who was born in Canton, Ohio, June 8, 1847. Ida died in Canton, Ohio, May 26, 1907 and is buried in the McKinley Tomb, Canton, Ohio.

Children: Katherine (1871-1875); Ida (1873-1873).

Home: Canton, Ohio.

Education: Attended Poland Academy, Ohio; Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Religion: Methodist

Occupation before Presidency: Teacher, soldier, lawyer.

Military Service: Joined 23rd Volunteers in 1861; rose to rank of major before leaving Army in 1865.

Pre-Presidential Offices: Member of U.S. House of Representatives; Governor of Ohio.

Age at Inauguration: 54

First Administration: Vice President: Garret A. Hobart of New Jersey, Inauguration March 4, 1897, The Capital, Washington, D.C.

Second Administration: Vice President: Theodore Roosevelt of New York, Inauguration March 4, 1901, The Capital, Washington, D.C.

Death: Buffalo, New York, September 14, 1901.

Cause of Death: Assassination at age 58. Was shot September 6, 1901 by Leon F. Czolgosz, in Temple of Music, Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York.

Place of Burial: McKinley State Memorial and Tomb, Canton, Ohio.

Interesting Facts:

McKinley was the last President to have fought in the Civil War.

On February 16, 1898, the battleship USS Maine blew up at Havana, Cuba. Although there was no proof Spanish agents were responsible, the Spanish-American War was declared two months later. As a result, in 1898, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico became U.S. possessions, and McKinley annexed Hawaii and opened up trade with China.

Copyright 1993-2022 by John T. Marck. All Rights Reserved. This article and their accompanying pictures, photographs, and line art, may not be resold, reprinted, or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from the author. From The Presidents of the United States by John T. Marck.